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SealNed B.V. is the Benelux agent for Sæplast Iceland.

Sæplast manufactures rotational moulded containers and operates from locations in Iceland, Spain, Canada, Norway, India and the Netherlands. The Sæplast Group has agents all over the world. They take care of container sales and provide customers with made to measure service and advice.

CONTAINERS (also known as TUBS)

You will find the range of rotational moulded containers in a catalogue which can be downloaded from the link below. The catalogue contains all the standard models. The containers can also be made to measure if required, meeting the specific demands of your company and its products. The insulated Sæplast containers help to guarantee the original freshness of your products over a longer period of time. Each model is designed for a specific product category, and all of them are developed to take account of the conservation and continuing freshness of your products: from the factory, to the market. Thanks to their high quality, Sæplast containers remain over the longer term, impervious to the effects of erosion and damage that occur during use. Because of this, the initial purchase and maintenance costs are relatively very low. As well as this, the smooth surface of the containers guarantees a high level of hygiene and is easy to clean. Sæplast containers can be completely recycled. The containers can be fitted with RFDI tags if required. This makes them traceable anywhere in the world.

We have represented Sæplast containers in the Benelux for many years now and represent them outside this area after mutual consultation. We supply many companies in the fish, meat and vegetable sectors of the foodstuffs industry. We can also include bakers among our customers. We can provide you advice and made to measure services. As well as this, we also provide rental and repair services for all Sæplast containers.

For further information click on the link: Click here for the extensive Sæplast catalogue showing all products.

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